Bath Spa





Since ancient times it was believed that before steaming you need to cleanse the skin for better penetration of nutrients and elimination of toxins.


Duration 10-15min.


Body Masks

Procedures that effectively restore healthy skin are masks. Moreover, a positive effect of masks increases in many times, if you do the procedure in the bath. When exposed to hot water and hot steam, the skin pores dilate, and a deep cleansing is in process. The skin becomes more receptive to the healing effects of the substances included in the mask. It is believed that the best lotion, the best milky milk will not clean the skin as the procedure of steam bath procedure will do.




Massage is a powerful health-improving means. As an effective and indispensable means of relaxing the body, means to cleanse and stimulate the activity of vital organs and systems, means, tempering and prolonging youth, massage has always attracted the attention of people from immemorial time.


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