Отель Сенешаль

Seneschal Hotel History

A beautiful legend tells that Catherine the Great on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow was forced to linger in Sunny Hill longer than usual due to the lack of water for her horses. Most of all, according to tradition, suffered her august horse Seneschal. So that is why there was allegedly issued a decree on the construction of the channel, which resulted in the formation of an artificial pond, named after the favorite of the Empress Senezh. Although the history refutes this legend, it is passed by word of mouth, from generation to generation, making the imaginary as an integral feature of this area. The present of Senezh is no less surprising than the past — there were built chambers on the lake worthy of the rest of the Catherine.

Boutique Hotel “Seneshal” enchants guests with its royal comfort, relaxed atmosphere, author’s design and impeccable service. People come here to listen to the silence, to enjoy the splendor of the Russian countryside, to live in the luxurious interiors — like to be honored guest at the imperial residence.


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