One of the best ways to relax, relieve stress is massage, especially healing massage. Seneshal Hotel offers you to continue the journey on relaxation and unity with nature and yourself. The chosen procedure will help to restore the nervous system, relax after a hard work day, will create a sense of comfort and relaxation, and will take you into the world of your fantasies and dreams.

Classic massage – 5000 RUB

In the conditions of modern life, this type of massage is a must: bad environment or a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet or bad mood … In the expert’s hands, this massage helps to normalize digestion, relieves joint pain, relieves stress, calms the nervous system.

Sports massage – 5500 RUB

Excellent for athletes and for those who are facing serious physical exertion. This massage enhances muscle metabolism, removes tension in the tissues of the muscles and stress, quickly restores power.

Relaxing massage – 5500 RUB

Allows you to completely recover after a hard day or a week, it gives a burst of energy and charges with vitality

Fitness massage – 6000 RUB

This massage combines two effects: toning the muscle tone and correcting your body shape. It makes a powerful and profound impact

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – 4500 RUB

It improves blood circulation, conclusion of toxins from the muscles and supports the work of those organs, which are responsible for the detoxification of the body

Anti-cellulite massage – 6000 RUB

Anti-cellulite massage can improve the condition of the skin in problem areas. It aims to increase blood and lymph circulation, remove puffiness, decrease body fat.


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