Seneshal, Melan Room

Light pastel colors dominating in the interior of this room, throw a mystery cloak to everything around, inviting to a complete relaxation and pleasant rest. Big bed with air canopy will bring pleasant dreams, and the play of light in the crystal chandelier will add luster to the atmosphere. Floor mirror visually expands the boundaries of the room, making it very light and airy. The layout of the room includes a balcony, by opening which you can fill your room with a pleasant scent of flowering plants and trees in the warmer months. In cold weather, you can stand up with a hot cup of tea or coffee to enjoy nature. WC of the room is decorated in soft warm shades of green and orange color, complemented by floral pattern. A large mirror and a window through which the light breaks, make the bathroom visually wider. Exquisite furniture giving accent to the luxury and wealth of decoration.


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